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How to download Instagram reels?

Download reels or videos from IGTV using below method

Step 1

Paste reel url from Instagram in the box and click the button

Step 2

Click the download button under the reel video

Step 3

After that save it to the Pc, Phone or Mac device

What are Instagram Reels?

An Instagram reel is an amazing way to develop fun videos to share with friends or anyone on Instagram. Unlike stories, they can be discovered by anyone on the platform rather than just followers. This feature allows the recording and editing of 15-second clips with various creative tools provided by Instagram.

On top of that, reels don't disappear like stories after 24 hours from the profile. It stays on Instagram until someone chooses to delete it. The most significant benefit of reels is they give everyone a chance to become a creator on Instagram.

Best Instagram Reels Video Downloader

Are you looking for the ideal choice for saving your favorite reel on your device? Don't go beyond Reelit, known as the best Instagram reel video downloader on the internet. It is an excellent tool for downloading Instagram reels at your fingertips anytime without installing any software.

This quick platform lets users download such content directly on their laptops, mobile, or desktop. Furthermore, using this platform is super easy because all you need to do is paste the link in the box and begin downloading. It is an all-in-one Instagram downloader with a user-friendly interface with almost no advertisements.

Why use Reelit to download Instagram reels?

Reelit is an excellent choice for downloading various reel videos available on Instagram. It is a super-fast service that lets the users complete this task very conveniently. You need to follow a very simple procedure for downloading reels in a high-quality format.

It comes with all the required features to ensure a wholesome experience. So, you can download all types of reels from Instagram by following a few simple steps on Reelit. Also, it is free and doesn’t charge a single penny from the visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Download reels or videos from IGTV

The process is super simple as you only have to copy the link of an Instagram link and paste it on the box featured on the homepage. Afterwards, tap the download option, and the reel will save on your device.

There is no need to log in or sign up on Reelit to download any reel you like on Instagram. You can move straight to the downloading option to complete the process.

The platform doesn’t charge anything from the users for downloading reels in any manner. They can freely download as many reels as they want without paying anything.

The users can download an unlimited number of reels on Reelit without any restriction. It means you are free to access content from Instagram without any trouble.

Reelit is an excellent tool that lets users download a variety of Instagram reels. There is nothing to worry about as the original owner of the reel won’t get notified about this process.

The users won’t face any trouble in terms of legality as long as reels aren’t used for commercial purposes. It is a crime when we use someone’s videos that violate the copyright issue.

No, our system never stores any information users post on the site. They can download content from Instagram with complete peace of mind.

The process is straightforward as you must copy the reel link by tapping the three horizontal dots on the bottom right after finding the desired one on Instagram. Afterward, open the Reelit, paste the link, and tap the downloading link. The video will be downloaded to your device in seconds or minutes.

You have to visit Reelit on the internet browser installed on your device followed by pasting the ink on the box. Tap on the download option and the video will be saved in the desired folder.
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